Welcome to the most beautiful         beaches @Curacao

Cas Abao

White sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees and many parasols.
Its reefs are a dream for snorkelers and divers. On the beach you can find a bar, restaurant, showers, toilets and a dive shop. Located on the island of Curacao, in the general vicinity of The Shades, Cas Abao Beach is on the West coast of the island.

Port Mari

Famous for its unique double reef.
The Best dive and snorkel equipment shop is available, Though even more than that, people come here to relax in the sun with friends and family, and hang out at the popular seaside restaurant. Only 5 minutes by car from the Shades.

Kenepa Grandi

 Or Knip Beach: very popular with the locals.
It’s ideal for swimming and sunbathing surrounded by beautiful views. Located on the western side of the island of Curacao,

beaches @Curacao

Almost all Curacao beaches are scattered along the sheltered and calm southwestern coast, where the waters are calm and crystal clear.
 At some beaches admission is charged, sometimes including a beach chair.
Even though it is not common, nor acceptable practice at all beaches, you may see European visitors sunbathing topless.
 Please note that this is not permitted by law, but is tolerated at a few of the beaches

Diving @Porto Mari Sports

A professional dive shop located since 2003 at one of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao.
 With the white sand and the calm bright water is Playa Porto Mari a paradise for divers and snorkelers.
 The unique double reef has infinite dive and snorkel possibilities for the starting till the advanced divers!